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Jul 27 2015
Welcome Florida Foam Fighters! We are currently in the process of updating the site and thank you for your patience! Any questions can be directed to Shoonzdah either on facebook or at the August Day Battle.
There's only 5 days until Summer Slaughter IV is here and we're excited to run one of Florida's best foam fighting events! We'll be out at Doe Lake all this weekend doing lots of great fighting.

And just a reminder, the entry fee is $20 solid this year even for spectators. This pays for the feast that you'll get on Saturday, so make sure to stay for the awesome night festivities.

Get ready, we'll see you on the field of battle!

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Just a reminder for anyone planning on attending Oceanside onslaught. I know our website said the 19th but that was a mistake! Oceanside onslaught is on the 12th this saturday!

We WILL be providing food at the event. For $3 we will provide you with a hot-dog, bag of Frito-Lay chips, and a bottle of water. Each additional hot-dog after everyone is served will be only $1. This also goes for chips and water So if you come hungry, bring some singles.

Food will be served mid-way into the event before we embark to the beach fights. Remember to bring plenty of your own water too. Thanks everyone and I hope to see you there!

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I just wanted to welcome the Las Vegas Dagorhir group to the FFA. Years ago we started the FFA in hopes to spread foam fighting far and wide, and now it's their turn to do the same. The staff here at the FFA feels that it's only right to help them in their cause.

That's why you'll now find a link to foam-fighting.com right up under the banner of this page! You can visit the home page http://foam-fighting.com or visit their Dagorhir specific Las Vegas realm page. http://lasvegasdagorhir.com
It looks like the FFA was featured in their first ever news article. The article was written by a reporter who came out to the November day battle. We all had a lot of fun and she interviewed a couple of fighters along with taking some great pictures.

You can find the article in full, here http://www.news-journalonline.com/images/2011/12/02/20111201west.pdf

Or click the image to view the article as well
It looks like Summer Slaughter was an awesome event this year. Unfortunately it ended up raining Friday but that didn't affect the awesome night time festivities in the huge great hall we were able to use.

I'm proud to say that this year we had a record 73 people which is a huge increase in numbers over the past years. The fighting was excellent and I think everyone enjoyed the scenarios that we had. I look forward to seeing you all at the Odyssey in early October.


Novice Tournament: Spence
Single Blue: Burke
Sword and Board: Burke
Wargod: Arc
Four Horsemen:
  • Fleck
  • Burke
  • Grucius
  • Vigulf

Here are some pictures from the event, you can find more on the media page.

Click on the images to view larger versions.
or click an album! Album A | Album B | Album C | Album D (Pictures by lilyjade)
Saturday only payment is now online. Pay now here! You will need a Google account to do it. If you register and find out that you need to cancel, we will refund your ticket within a couple days. Don't wait and register now!